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FELTA is a brand, founded in the 2014 by talented ukranian designer Tatyana Dolubekova, whose style favorably compares with mass market, because of it's peculiar compound of eclecticism and modern trends. Focusing on the ethnic Slavic motifs makes clothes inspiring, uplifting and gives a breath of joy in the everyday hustle and bustle.

The basis of the brand is felt, extremely ductile, versatile and environmentally friendly material. Up to now felting has been a craft, our brand brings it to the whole new level. Through innovation and technical possibilities of our time this process acquired a different sound: combination of wool and silk, decorative bamboo fiber, viscose, herbs and plants, and even metal and glass provides unmatched capabilities, a variety of shapes, textures and color style.

Brand «Felta» creates modern ready-to-wear luxury clothes and accessories using sewing techniques and felting. Felta is a modern, stylish and incredibly comfortable clothes and accessories, shoes and also exclusive interior.