Brand Felta

Magic felt

Once upon a time felt was the most common textiles for many people and was very popular. It has been used not only at home but also in medical, military, and even building. Felt dressed yurt, woven carpets from it, were treated with bone disease and is lined kalchugi, and this is not the entire list. The wool-rich lanolin (natural wax), miraculously evaporates and absorbs moisture while remaining dry. It is a unique feature used for the treatment of colds, inflammations of the joints, healing of wounds and fractures. Modern medicine also recognizes the unsurpassed properties of felt, and felt especially shoes that not only massages the foot, improves blood circulation and relieves stress, but also thanks to a breathable structure prevents the emergence of fungal diseases.

In the pursuit of profit and the low price, we have forgotten that natural materials, it is not only health, but also the aesthetics of the holiday. In an attempt to be filled with natural energy, reborn from the ashes, humanity is frantically recalls and restores the bits crafts and age-old techniques. Eco-technologies are interested in increasing the number of people and this is only the beginning. Felt is this a direct bearing First, the raw material obtained without violence and killing living beings, wool shorn at a certain time, and saves on the cellular level all its own unique properties Secondly producing milled products is purely manual labor, without the use of or chemicals and harmful substances, only hand soap and water.

Once coming into contact with the technique of felting, you will not be able to remain indifferent. Process- himself a deep and serious meditation, laying out strand by strand you in touch with its primary nature, the joy of creativity and ancient traditions. Warm and plastic felt, soft and docile in the hands of the master, takes shape and absorbs all the love of human hands, which lives in each product and carries health in all respects to their owners. Through innovation and technical possibilities of our time this process acquired a different sound: Connect wool with silk, decorative bamboo fiber, viscose, herbs and plants, and even metal and glass gives unsurpassed texture and visual effects designers make extensive use of it in their collections and designs.

Felt Quality can not be overestimated, but giving the benefit of mankind all its excellent properties, it is also undemanding to care. This is probably the most interesting feature of it. Felted products not simply be washed, but should be as well made felt not rolled, not wiped off and not deformed, it holds its shape well after washing. Laundry can be both manual and machine (for delicate fabrics), in cold water with the mandatory use of funds for wool. The fact that the funds for wool remain very valuable lanolin. After washing the product just squeeze in a towel as a knitted item, and laid out to dry. Utyuzhat wet on the average temperature, as a normal wool returning it shape. By following these simple rules will delight you felt more than a year.

Once you purchased the product from felt, to give comfort and pleasure, cool evening, and even sultry afternoon, you know, in love with this stuff forever.