Ivan Marchuk, "From the window I watched as boils Dnieper and wind break trees like matches"

16. 07. 21
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In the capital the gallery "Art zbirka", an exhibition of new works by the famous Ukrainian artist Surprise, shock, delight ...The whole range of sensations is a new cycle of "Looking into infinity" paintings, which presented a few days ago Ivan Marchuk. It is rightly called a mystic painter, Patriarch of Ukrainian avant-garde. But sometimes it seems that this ... alien-alien, "encode" in their work visions of other worlds.

- Ivan Stepanovich, you deliberately did not give the names of the new picture?

- Yes. They are inextricably linked, and do not want the audience to be distracted by reading the title, - answers Ivan Marchuk.

- Let each having their own images and associations.

 - Many people admit that they helped lift the gloomy mood of your work, that produce strong light energy. And you both deal with depression?

- Only work and save. In Ukraine, optimism, no one can borrow: terrible strain, all fighting each other. It seems, break out the spark - and an explosion ... So my heart unbearably hard. But I perebaryvat longing - in spite of everything I see, hear, read. And takes over the picture. As Shevchenko wrote: «I ide day, i nich ide. I, skhopivshi head in his hands ... "Sometimes, I grasped by hand head and mentally scroll images, colors, shapes, fantasy worlds. Hard to keep them - not to run away. (Smiles.) On a new cycle, I worked for four years, created it in Kiev. And the scenery is always writing in Kanev.

- There are in fact a hurricane raged this summer?

- I'm out of the window looked like it boils Dnieper and wind break trees like matches. Poplar trees were uprooted! And the morning after windbreak - silence, the sun. Quite a different landscape. Similar to the one I wrote in New York, when he created the cycle "New Expression" ... I should add that in the presentation of the exhibition (it will be on display until 3 October at the gallery "Art zbirka" on the street Tereschenkivska 13) viewers and saw three amazing women's dress, hand-painted. Kiev designer Tatyana Dolubekovoy be transferred onto the fabric fragments of paintings by Ivan Marchuk. The artist was stunned. A surprise Ivan Stepanovich extremely difficult ...

* Designer Dolubekova Tatiana (pictured right) has created an exclusive clothing, transferring to the fabric fragments of paintings by Ivan Marchuk (Photo: Sergey Tushino, "FACTS"