Men's collections "From ship to ball"

16. 08. 15
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The stars of the Ukrainian show business, sports, television and children showed a new collection of clothes from the Ukrainian and international designers. At the scene came Alexander Shovskovskaya Elena Migdisova, Gabriella Massanga, Konstantin Bocharov, Sergei Gladyr Vlad Ulyanich Oleg Kenzo, Evdokimenko Sofia, Shmagi Tagiashvili Larisa Bilozir, Lavrinyuk Alena Guseva Masha Reva Lena, Alieva Alina, Holubchenko Oksana Aliyeva Tanya Faina Tedeyeva, Makeyev Light Zarivnaya Dasha and others.

This spring, once again, was the feast of children's fashion and beauty, but under a new name - SPECIALyou Fashion day (ex-JFStar). The organizer of the festival acted as Natalia Kovalenko. The grand show, which is held twice a year, gathers friends and associates over the past 4 years. At this time, the stars and the guests went on a tour of the country - "Around the World in 60 Minutes".

Podium SPECIALyou Fashion Day 2016 / Spring adorned current collection spring-summer season of the famous Ukrainian, created specifically for the event.