16. 08. 15
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Her painting is unusual and it had not carried out either oil or watercolor, he has long gone beyond the paintings and now focused on the women's clothing! Flowers, boundless field of flowers, sea colors, variety of textures that merge, overlap and form a harmony. Such feeling overwhelmed when you look at a collection Tatiana Dolubekovoyi.

16. 08. 15
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The stars of the Ukrainian show business, sports, television and children showed a new collection of clothes from the Ukrainian and international designers. At the scene came Alexander Shovskovskaya Elena Migdisova, Gabriella Massanga, Konstantin Bocharov, Sergei Gladyr Vlad Ulyanich Oleg Kenzo, Evdokimenko Sofia, Shmagi Tagiashvili Larisa Bilozir, Lavrinyuk Alena Guseva Masha Reva Lena, Alieva Alina, Holubchenko Oksana Aliyeva Tanya Faina Tedeyeva, Makeyev Light Zarivnaya Dasha and others.

This spring, once again, was the feast of children's fashion and beauty, but under a new name - SPECIALyou Fashion day (ex-JFStar). The organizer of the festival acted as Natalia Kovalenko. The grand show, which is held twice a year, gathers friends and associates over the past 4 years. At this time, the stars and the guests went on a tour of the country - "Around the World in 60 Minutes".

Podium SPECIALyou Fashion Day 2016 / Spring adorned current collection spring-summer season of the famous Ukrainian, created specifically for the event.

16. 07. 21
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In the capital the gallery "Art zbirka", an exhibition of new works by the famous Ukrainian artist Surprise, shock, delight ...The whole range of sensations is a new cycle of "Looking into infinity" paintings, which presented a few days ago Ivan Marchuk. It is rightly called a mystic painter, Patriarch of Ukrainian avant-garde. But sometimes it seems that this ... alien-alien, "encode" in their work visions of other worlds.

- Ivan Stepanovich, you deliberately did not give the names of the new picture?

- Yes. They are inextricably linked, and do not want the audience to be distracted by reading the title, - answers Ivan Marchuk.

- Let each having their own images and associations.

 - Many people admit that they helped lift the gloomy mood of your work, that produce strong light energy. And you both deal with depression?

- Only work and save. In Ukraine, optimism, no one can borrow: terrible strain, all fighting each other. It seems, break out the spark - and an explosion ... So my heart unbearably hard. But I perebaryvat longing - in spite of everything I see, hear, read. And takes over the picture. As Shevchenko wrote: «I ide day, i nich ide. I, skhopivshi head in his hands ... "Sometimes, I grasped by hand head and mentally scroll images, colors, shapes, fantasy worlds. Hard to keep them - not to run away. (Smiles.) On a new cycle, I worked for four years, created it in Kiev. And the scenery is always writing in Kanev.

- There are in fact a hurricane raged this summer?

- I'm out of the window looked like it boils Dnieper and wind break trees like matches. Poplar trees were uprooted! And the morning after windbreak - silence, the sun. Quite a different landscape. Similar to the one I wrote in New York, when he created the cycle "New Expression" ... I should add that in the presentation of the exhibition (it will be on display until 3 October at the gallery "Art zbirka" on the street Tereschenkivska 13) viewers and saw three amazing women's dress, hand-painted. Kiev designer Tatyana Dolubekovoy be transferred onto the fabric fragments of paintings by Ivan Marchuk. The artist was stunned. A surprise Ivan Stepanovich extremely difficult ...

* Designer Dolubekova Tatiana (pictured right) has created an exclusive clothing, transferring to the fabric fragments of paintings by Ivan Marchuk (Photo: Sergey Tushino, "FACTS"



16. 07. 21
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Collection "Breath Bud" shown in the framework of the project «Fashion-design of young designers« Young Fashion Line »in February 2014 made in the new mixed media. Along with classic tailoring felt widely used in conjunction with silk embroidery and painting. Not the traditional approach has made a collection of vivid and memorable